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VIDEO: Hilarious Kid On Lie Detector Kimmel Skit


This is hilarious. Enjoy!

VIDEO: Even Perfect People FAIL Too


Nothing to see here but 2 minutes of runway models falling down. I don’t know why, probably because I’m cruel, but I can’t stop laughing. Enjoy! And if you do you might be a jerk like me…

PS-The last one is the best.

VIDEO: Yikes! My Ears Are Burning


It just doesn’t get any worse (or more 80’s) than this:

VIDEO: Some Christians Just Shouldn’t Sing



VIDEO: Wack-a-doo Christians


I’m not sure how far you can get in this, but there are several laughs. Perhaps my favorite is the horn blowing at 3:00 mark.

VIDEO: Wedding Preacher Fail


Way to ruin a wedding. Woops!

VIDEO: Kill The Devil With Your Shoe!


This is very bizarre. This pastor throws his shoes at a mock-up of the Devil. And then everyone in the church follows his lead. The best is the lady at the end beating Satan with her crutch and the other walloping him with her purse. I wish I knew all I needed a pair if Adidas to defeat evil.

VIDEO: Countdown To Rapture


Here is bizarre video depicting people waiting to get raptured. My favorite part is the flying at about the 6:00 mark. Enjoy!

VIDEO: Creepy Teaching On Heaven


This is a teaching on heaven from the 60’s (I think). It is CREEPY! Watch it because it gets even weirder as you go on. VERY strange part at the 2:19 mark. See you in heaven!

VIDEO: Ultimate Church Fight Champ


This is hilarious (and sad). FULL POINT!

VIDEO: Public School FAIL


[Be sure to read the breaking UPDATE below after watching video]

Okay, so I thought I’d continue the theme from Monday in which I discussed homeschooling being made illegal. Here is a hilarious lunchtime man-on-the-street interview of public school students in one of America’s many high schools. It is also scary when you consider that: 1) we pay millions as tax payers for these results and 2) these kids will become adults and vote. For me, it also functions as a defacto PSA for private and charter schools and homeschooling.


I was contacted by a reader who sternly informed me:

I think the problem is not that the kids aren’t being taught, it’s just that you asked the wrong questions. Try some like these next time:

1. What should you do if you or your girlfriend become pregnant?

2. Where can you find free contraceptives?

3. Have you ever done drugs, or are you high right now?

4. Should each person/family work to provide for their own needs or

should the government take care of all of us?


VIDEO: Pingu Meets The Thing


Okay, time to switch up a little. This video will only make sense if: 1) you have young children and they watch Pingu and 2) one of your favorite all-time sci-fi movies is John Carpenter’s The Thing. If you are part of that .001% of people this parody is pure GENIUS!


Christianity Isn’t And Never Will Be Cool


It’s a cold hard truth. There were many times in over the 25 years of my faith that I thought it wasn’t true. I dressed differently, talked differently, listened to the right music, and watched to right TV shows and movies (that way I could ‘fit in’ at work when everyone talked about the latest episodes etc.). I even got a tattoo.

I tried to emulate coolness. The problem is:

>Christianity isn’t and never will be cool. 

This Christian book is a prime example:

It’s painful to think that someone else who also called themselves a Christian wrote a book called Anybody Can Be Cool…But Awesome Takes Practice. This person even thought it was relevant and ‘cutting edge’. Let’s be clear, this book isn’t and never was cool or awesome. Seeing this just makes me feel nauseous (not cool or awesome).

But you know what?

It’s okay.

In the eyes of culture, it’s not trendy, cool, or displaying total awesomeness to stay married, do your job at work, get to work on time, be a father or mother to your kids, drive an old car to save money, or drive the speed limit.

Instead it’s ‘cool’ to quit school to tour in a band. It’s ‘cool’ to leave your family for a French model and ‘follow your heart’. It’s ‘awesome’ to quite your job in a frenzy and go paint landscapes–because it’s ‘your calling’ and all. You get the idea.

>But I don’t care about cool or awesome anymore.

I just want to try to honor God with life. That is all the awesomeness I need. I don’t need approval from culture or society. In the end, I just want it from my Heavenly Father. One day, I hope He will say, “Well done.”

That will be truly awesome. So I suppose I am practicing that kind of awesome. It’s lame. I know, but oh well. It’s the right thing to do.


PS-If you want to get a REALLY good laugh, read the reviews of this book at by clicking here.

VIDEO: Preacher Says F-U


This guy is hilarious. I could never get away with this.

VIDEO: Dark Lord Sith Preacher


Remember Benny Hinn? I always knew he was on the Dark Side of the Force.

VIDEO: Pentecostal Preaching With Sign Language


A lot people like this stuff. There’s something about Pentecostal preaching that makes me nervous–just being honest. Either way, the best part of this clip is the lady trying to do sign language in the bottom left of the screen. Get revived!

VIDEO: Slayered In The Spirit


This is one of favorites. It’s a Slayer and Pentecostal church mash-up…or should I say MOSH-UP! HA!

Paying Attention In Church FAIL


You know you’ve been there. Sometimes it’s unavoidable. 

10 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’


If you around my age then you LOVE A Charlie Brown Christmas. The beloved Snoopy, Linus, and Pig-Pen, and Charlie bring humor and comfort. I’ve watched it every year for my whole life. And now I watch it with my kids, who seem to enjoy it too.

Did you know there are 10 Things you didn’t know about ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’? Here they are. You can click the link above to read the backstory behind each one:

10. Most of the voice actors were cast from kids in the director’s neighborhood

9. Some of the child actors were so young, they couldn’t read the script

8. Charles Schulz refused to let CBS executives insert a laugh track

7. Schulz actually hated jazz music

6. The network execs and sponsors hated the special and wanted to bury it

5. The producers thought it would be a flop and that they “ruined Charlie Brown forever”

4. Snoopy got all the action scenes because he was the easiest to animate

3. Some earlier runs of the special included product placements for Coca-Cola

2. It is the second longest-running Christmas special of all time

>1. Linus’ “True Meaning of Christmas” speech was almost cut!

Can you believe the speech by Linus was almost cut? The best part! Can you imagine?




Best FAILS of 2011 (Mostly SFW)


Okay, I know that it isn’t New Year’s yet. But I watched this over the weekend and HAD to post it. Here is a video that will cary you through this crazy week as you try to balance and tie up all your loose ends. It is a collection of the best FAILS of 2011–and it is HILARIOUS! Warning: there are 3 or 4 bad words over the 12 minutes. ENJOY!


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