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Okay, so I thought I’d continue the theme from Monday in which I discussed homeschooling being made illegal. Here is a hilarious lunchtime man-on-the-street interview of public school students in one of America’s many high schools. It is also scary when you consider that: 1) we pay millions as tax payers for these results and 2) these kids will become adults and vote. For me, it also functions as a defacto PSA for private and charter schools and homeschooling.


I was contacted by a reader who sternly informed me:

I think the problem is not that the kids aren’t being taught, it’s just that you asked the wrong questions. Try some like these next time:

1. What should you do if you or your girlfriend become pregnant?

2. Where can you find free contraceptives?

3. Have you ever done drugs, or are you high right now?

4. Should each person/family work to provide for their own needs or

should the government take care of all of us?