It’s a cold hard truth. There were many times in over the 25 years of my faith that I thought it wasn’t true. I dressed differently, talked differently, listened to the right music, and watched to right TV shows and movies (that way I could ‘fit in’ at work when everyone talked about the latest episodes etc.). I even got a tattoo.

I tried to emulate coolness. The problem is:

>Christianity isn’t and never will be cool. 

This Christian book is a prime example:

It’s painful to think that someone else who also called themselves a Christian wrote a book called Anybody Can Be Cool…But Awesome Takes Practice. This person even thought it was relevant and ‘cutting edge’. Let’s be clear, this book isn’t and never was cool or awesome. Seeing this just makes me feel nauseous (not cool or awesome).

But you know what?

It’s okay.

In the eyes of culture, it’s not trendy, cool, or displaying total awesomeness to stay married, do your job at work, get to work on time, be a father or mother to your kids, drive an old car to save money, or drive the speed limit.

Instead it’s ‘cool’ to quit school to tour in a band. It’s ‘cool’ to leave your family for a French model and ‘follow your heart’. It’s ‘awesome’ to quite your job in a frenzy and go paint landscapes–because it’s ‘your calling’ and all. You get the idea.

>But I don’t care about cool or awesome anymore.

I just want to try to honor God with life. That is all the awesomeness I need. I don’t need approval from culture or society. In the end, I just want it from my Heavenly Father. One day, I hope He will say, “Well done.”

That will be truly awesome. So I suppose I am practicing that kind of awesome. It’s lame. I know, but oh well. It’s the right thing to do.


PS-If you want to get a REALLY good laugh, read the reviews of this book at by clicking here.