Here’s an interesting story about a about a High School student in El Cajon, CA who got suspended for bring a Bible to school. It also invokes the memory of something similar that happened to me in High School. The article reports:

According to the suit, in January 2010, a teacher told Dominguez he should not talk about his faith at school because of the “separation of church and state.” After Dominguez continued to share his Christian beliefs with other students, he was then ordered not to bring his Bible to school. Two days later, the teacher confiscated his Bible and Dominguez was suspended for two days, according to the suit.

“He didn’t give any sermons or yell or scream… just sharing his faith with other students. That was it,” said Brad Dacus, Dominguez’s attorney.

A school representative says “there’s a lot more to the story.” I’m sure there is, but I thought it is an interesting situation to follow.

I became a Christian when I was in High School. Yes, I was also a bit obnoxious (even more than today!). One of things I did was wear loud shirts (and other gear) professing my faith. I wanted to start conversations.

At one point, it got the attention of one of the Assistant Principles. I was taken aside and instructed on the issue of “separation of church and state”. I was also told, for that reason, I couldn’t wear any clothes that spoke of my faith.

So what did I do? I resisted. Surprised? Probably not.

Something didn’t seem right. I said I was going to research the matter in the Student Handbook and get back to her. And I did.

Know what I found? Nothing.

I brought that to the principle, who conceded my point. And off I was–free to wear all the annoying Christian gear I wanted.