Yesterday, I mentioned a High School student who got suspended for bringing a Bible to Public School with him because it allegedly violated the “separation of church and state.” Today there is a story on the opposite end of the spectrum. The article states:

“I Heart Boobies” bracelets are sold across the nation and have been banned in many U.S schools… U.S. District Judge Mary McLaughlin sided with students Tuesday in a free-speech test case filed in Pennsylvania by the American Civil Liberties Union. She issued a temporary injunction that bars the Easton Area School District from enforcing its ban… School officials argue the slogan suggests a sexual double meaning and leads to in-school distractions… A few weeks ago, a student at Mountain Empire High School wore a bracelet to school. School administrators say the bracelet led to a “big” disruption in class and that’s why it was banned.

This is an interesting contrast to the story about the kid with the Bible. A “boobies” bracelet with a double entendre meaning in order to attract attention and awareness to the cause of breast cancer is okay, while the a religious symbol is not? It’s just ridiculous.

The bracelet doesn’t particularly bother me, although my kids won’t wear it.  It’s just the contradictions that do bother me. I have to wonder if it would be okay to wear bracelets that say “I Heart Butts” to create awareness for colon cancer or “I Heart Weiners” to promote prostate cancer awareness or “I Heart Vajayjays” to promote cervical cancer awareness? Would that be appropriate? Or how about if a teacher whore any of these, would parents, the principal, or a judge be okay with it?

I’m just sayin’.