Okay, here it goes. I’m going to talk about some things that are VERY uncomfortable: feminism.

What place does feminism play in faith? Often culture tells us Christianity seeks to devalue woman by giving them demeaning roles based solely on their gender. In many ways, modern feminism was born in direct contrast to this alleged injustice. I understand the conversation. But let me tell you about my experience a little.

In many ways, feminism really messed me up. Now I want to try to be respectful to my mother, while talking about important dialogue in order to find the truth. That’s what I do on all issues.



Like many my age, I grew up the product of divorce, a child born into the self-discovery, experimentation, and indulgence of the Social Revolution that defined the 60’s and 70’s. All I ever heard (and often still hear) from my mother were women’s issues. I constantly got statistics on rape, molestation, work-place inequalities, unequal pay, sexism, men cheating on woman etc. As far as I could tell, all the problems in the world stem from rich white men.


But here’s the real problem, feminism hasn’t served its purpose. In all its efforts to empower women, it has failed in my life. Growing up I never had an effective teacher, a healthy relationship on a consistent basis with my Mom (which we are both working on these days, and I am admittedly not very patient or kind at times), or a mother-figure, to guide me and teach me how to value and respect women. Growing up, women were only ever distant and cold.


So now I am married to an amazing woman. She is the woman of my dreams and she has given birth to our 3 children. So now I have to work 10 times as hard to figure out how to be a good husband because I developed a warped view of women.


So I hate to say it, but feminism hasn’t really done anything positive in my personal life. My wife and I have the goal of teaching our kids how to appreciate and treat the opposite sex the best way we know how from our experiences: by staying together, being sacrificial, and putting our marriage first in our home. We believe that building from this will be the best example for our kids to follow.

This is the direction feminism as taken in our home. We both try to give 100% to the marriage and family. Hopefully this will teach my kids to value woman better than any list of stats can or affirmative action could.