If you don’t know, I used to be in a band called Strongarm (I’m the ugly guy on the left up above). There are 2 new and exciting things regarding Strongarm to tell today.

I sang screamed (on the first album “Atonement”) and wrote the lyrics (for 15 of the 19 songs out there). Not to sound like a washed-up-never-was-been, but it has become a highly influential band. It was named one of the top 10 bands of the last 30 yrs, has inspired tattoos , and even been the the love-connection for some match-making resulting in marriage. In fact, here is a video we did and some FREE songs, if you’d like. I still get emails about the band from fans, which is why I will be posting a brief history soon. There is also, of course, the cursory stories of certain Christians who told us we were going to Hell for playing such heavy music (which I tell about in my book).

Anyway, indie record label Blood & Ink Records has decided to do an LP reissue of the first album Atonement. (That’s a vinyl record for all you younglings.) I am totally honored by it. It’s available now. You can click below to order. That’s the first bit of new news about Strongarm.

The second bit of news is, well…I’ll tell you that next week.

Order and enjoy some heavy metal to brighten your day!