I’m sorry but I have to get (sort of) political one more time this week. I apologize.

Last night while my wife and I were watching American Idol, I watched some video from the speech that Reverend Jeremiah Wright gave at the National Press Club. In it he dealt with something he said in another speech (read that transcript here) and I couldn’t get it out of my mind.

He implied that white children and black children have different brains. They are wired differently and, therefore, learn differently.

HELLO! Is that racists or what?

Here he is talking about the atrocities of racism (and there are many) while purporting something that will promote racism. Aren’t those the kinds of things racists say in order to justify their dominance? Am I stupid in thinking that we are essentially all the same inside as humans: white, black, yellow, pink, purple, brown?

And is he implying that the different races should be taught differently? It sure seems like it. Isn’t that segregation all over again?

I highly regard and honor the position of pastor (I used to be one). And I think he is using (and abusing) it, and his subsequent representation of God, as a means for personal, political, and social agenda.

I know I have my issues (and they are many). Sometimes I have hate in my heart. But I think it’s wrong and I want to change. He seems to have hate in his heart, thinks he’s right, and wants everyone else to change to accommodate his hate.

Am I crazy or is that just my white-brained self thinking wrong?