Earlier this week I posted some lyrics I wrote in a song called Supplication while I was in Strongarm:

There can be no justice
Where there is no truth

Those words speak very well to the issue that the Supreme Court ruled on this week. If you have been out of the loop, they ruled that a child molester cannot be sentenced to the Death Penalty.

Regardless of what you may feel about the ruling or the use of the Death Penalty, the details of the ruling are what really bother me. You really have to mine for these details, because the media doesn’t report on them too much. But the details reveal the premises behind the decision. That is more important than anything, if you ask me. It is a forecaster of things that may come.

Here are the phrases that bother me in the details that I was able to find. They are the reasons of the final votes against:

they made the vote considering the nations evolving standards of decency

This really bothers me. I don’t want leadership or law based on an evolving sense of decency. I want it based on the rule of law, Bill of Rights, and the Constitution. I want it predictable. This shows that they are ruling based on precedent (other rulings) rather than a set standard.


there is a national consensus against capital punishment for the crime of child rape

What? Who cares! I don’t care about consensus when it comes to justice. Where does this end? What if one day the evolving consensus of society eventually views pedophilia as OK? Does this mean child rape will be even less severely punished?


He also cited arguments made by social workers and others that children and their families might not cooperate with authorities if a death sentence could result against the rapist. In many cases, including the one before the court, the victim and rapist are related.

So what if they are related? A crime is a crime. Being related has nothing to do with the laws obligation to protecting the innocent. This is the biggest load of circular reasoning I’ve ever heard. I have to wonder if these judges and lawyers even have kids?

I know this, as a person and a citizen, I get disillusioned with government when I feel that there is no sense of justice to protect me and my family. This, in addition to increasing taxes, brings a sense of taxation without proper representation or justice.

Historically speaking, taxation without representation and no true justice are seminal to most revolutions.

Anyway, Jesus regarded offenses against the innocent, especially children, as the most vile of actions. I wonder what he would think?