According to this Global Environment Group of very smart people, we only have four months to save the planet by spending TONS of $$$ before it’s too late.

Speaking of the environment, this mad Canadian thinks you should go to jail if you drive an SUV.

8-yr-old girl starts lemonade stand to afford tickets to Disneyland for family but California city shuts her down b/c she didn’t have a business license.

Speaking of California, although the state has been going bankrupt for years, in the past year they hired 3,600 additional employees.

Top White House aides gave Senate Democrats a winning strategy against skeptical private citizens when holding townhall meetings about the proposed health care ‘reform’: Punch back twice as hard.

VIDEO: Speaking of the White, in regard to the proposed health care ‘reform’, the President says he wants the skeptics to sit down and shut up.

Did you know it’s perfectly legal for our members of Congress to do insider trading based on information they are privy to?

Speaking of Congress, remember the $200 million they wanted to spend on only 3 of the most expensive private jets made? Now they want 8.

VIDEO: As the most important international diplomat representing the US to the world, Hillary Clinton goes shrill on a young school boy.

VIDEO: While a private citizen is asking a question at a townhall meeting, House Representative Sheila Jackson Lee talks on her cell phone.