Yesterday in town there were some Christians protesting in front of an abortion clinic. They were chanting and holding up all kinds of homemade signs. Some of these people even brought their children with them.

I hate when Christians do this crap. I mean, is anyone about to walk in to such a place really going to see the sign that says “Abortion Kills Children” or hear some stupid rhyme going to change their minds? Are they really saying to themselves, “You know what? Those people picketing care about me so much I realize I don’t want to do this.” No! Most people will drive right by and come back the next day.

Are these rallies doing any good?

Can’t Christians do something more productive?

It seems to me, if they really cared, they might get involved with  some teen crisis center. That would show more love. That would be more helpful. To say nothing of the fact that they are bringing their own kids to these rallies. At least get a babysitter.

And let’s not forget, at least in my opinion, they give God a bad name. Good intentions do not always have good results.