*This is the news of the week that I found interesting…

10. Oliver Stone says his movie about George Bush is ‘Shakespearean’. Oh brother! Besides, am I the only one that hates Shakespeare?

9. Architect that is going to build ground-breaking rotating skyscraper might not actually be an architect at all. So I guess it could be quite literally ‘ground-breaking’ as it falls down.

8. While having a press conference about the success of your gun safety campaign don’t shoot the reporters.

7. VIDEO: Now ‘Black Hole’ is a racist term. No word yet on ‘White Bread’.

6. Want to know what type of things tax-dollars go to? To making saggy pants illegal.

5. Some politicians love to hate those evil oil companies but don’t mind owning their stocks. Typical.

4. Go green by using biofuel and increase poverty all around the world. Yea!

3. If you’re robbed while buying crack don’t call cops to report it. Idiot!

2. Woman who promoted drug testing being brought up on drug charges.

1. Sweden, the leader in ‘going green’, has developed a new source of fuel that powers cities and will eventually power vehicles. Know what it is? Burning trees. I’m not kidding here. Does anyone see the irony? Gotta love this type of enlightenment and intellectualism. That’s more like ‘going gray.’