So a couple of weeks ago it was Father’s Day. I know it’s a little late, but I had to make mention of this.

I was surfing around the web when I stumbled upon a hilarious, and maybe the best, Father’s Day gift recommendation.

Here’s what the site said:

Could this be a great Father’s Day gift?

I know it may be shocking that I am choosing to recommend a book with a title like this…

10 Things I Hate About Christianity

…but it really is a wonderful new book by Jason T. Berggren, which I
happen to think would make a great Father’s Day gift. I’ve been reading
through it over the past few weeks, lured in by the title and kept
engaged by the content. Berggren is casual but sincere and
thought-provoking. He shares his own life experience with honest
emotion and humble examples of his own struggles. It is the male
version of coffee talk — shooting the breeze at first, to loosen up,
and then leaning hard on the table to discuss the real stuff life is
made of.

10 Things I Hate About Christianity: Working Through the Frustrations of Faith is a book written by an ordinary man, with ordinary questions about
faith, life, and how to combine reality and spiritual pursuits in a
culture that both questions and challenges the existence of Christ and
the hope of an eternal life through faith in Him alone.

It is
a good, solid read. Not too heady. Not too emotional. Just perfect for
a man. And just as perfect for a woman desiring a more level-headed,
less than flowery language to engage their heart and their mind in the
journey [of faith]…

Hilarious! Amazing and honored is all I can say. And if you don’t know I have a great 2 for $20 deal on the book on my site.