I got this email last week from someone who read my book 10 Things I Hate About Christianity: Working Through the Frustrations of Faith :

Jason, I just finished your book and have one regret, I didn’t write it!  In many ways, your journey mirrors mine.  I started out with Christ at 18 after chasing my dreams of fast cars and rock-n-roll.  I’m 61 now, married almost 43 years to a beautiful woman I’m not worthy of.  We have been in ministry for 37 years. Ours has not been easy either, and the “hates” you shared in your book once again mirrored mine. I did find something I didn’t agree with (oh well) and one thing I might add: the only reason for ever being passive is over matters of faith – martyrdom (page 131).

Again, many thanks.  I will be sharing your book with other frustrated or perhaps frustrating people.
Al M.
Casper, WY