This is about the 4th year I’ve missed Easter service because most of my family was sick. This time it was 4 of the six of us. But at least we could all go if we wanted.

Imagine getting arrested for going to Easter service. That’s what happen to people who attend Shouwang Church in Beijing, China. AFP reports:

Up to 30 members of a Chinese evangelical church were arrested on Sunday for trying to hold an Easter service in defiance of the officially atheist government, a member of the clergy said.

A large number of police began to gather early Sunday in the Zhongguancun area of Beijing where the Shouwang Church had said it would hold an outdoor service to mark the holiest day of the Christian calendar.

Authorities will not recognize this 1,000 member church officially even though leaders continue to register for government approval. In fact, the government drove them out of their previous meeting place and will not let them in their new place.

So as I complain about being sick, I realize it is no big deal. At least we aren’t arrested for going to church.