So a few weeks ago I wrote a note to Anne Rice about her ‘leaving Christianity’ (organized religion, that is). While I was surfing around the interwebs reading some comments on that I came across something interesting about Katy Perry (who sings the song I Kissed A Girl).

Did you know Katy Perry used you be a Christian too?

She used to sing CCM (Contemporary Christian Music) under the name Katy Hudson. Apparently she was raised by devoutly Christian parents. In fact, in a recent Rolling Stone, she said speaking in tongues was”as normal to me as ‘pass the salt'”, and also she couldn’t eat LuckyCharms because “lucky” sounded like “Lucifier.” Even moreinteresting than the demonic cereal stories is that she still considers herself a Christian:

God is very much still a part of my life…But the way the detailsare told in the Bible—that’s very fuzzy for me. And I want to throw upwhen I say that. But that’s the truth.

I still believe that Jesus is the son of God… But I also believe inextraterrestrials, and that there are people who are sent from God tobe messengers, and all sorts of crazy stuff… Every time I look up, Iknow that I’m nothing and there’s something way beyond me. I don’tthink it’s as simple as heaven and hell.

Am I to judge a person’s heart? No. But I can certainly judge actions. She is obviously a vary talented artist. In fact, I thought she was a great judge on American Idol.

To me, this is another story of someone toning down their convictions in order for fame and success.

Katy Perry (or Hudson or whatever you call yourself)…my heart hurts for you. No, it’s not cool to be a Christian (It’s true that it’s must cooler to believe in aliens). That’s a cold hard lesson we all have to learn and come out on the other side of. I even write about this in my book called 10 Things I Hate About Christianity: Working Through the Frustrations of Faith. It might be a good read for her (That’s wishful thinking on my part. Besides, if I got really successful I might be tempted to pose half-naked on a magazine too….perish the thought! AHHHH!).

Anyway, I just wanted to bring this to your attention. Plus, I kissed a girl too and liked it. She’s my wife now.

And here’s a video of Katy when she was a ‘Christian’ singer: