I’m tired. Like much of America I stayed up way past my bedtime watching the series finale of LOST. I’ve seen every episode. I’ve been a LOST-ite, LOST-ian, LOST-er, LOST-ie (or whatever you want to call a fan) since the beginning. But I’m also tired from not being able to sleep.

I’ve been wondering if I missed something. Or worse, did the writers miss something?

Now I’m not trying to be detached and critical in order to seem cool. I just really think there is a gap here. Someone please help me.

After all the mystery, intriguing stories, amazing cast, did they forget to reveal the whole premise? Did they fail to answer the one question we all needed to know in order to put a period at the end of the nebulous sentence? Did the show that captured the attention of nerds and cool people alike get lost along the way and stay lost?

Did they forget to answer the ever-important (and preeminent) question:

WHAT WAS THE PURPOSE OF THE ISLAND? And in so answering should also reveal why it should be saved.

Maybe I think too linear, but did I miss something? Or did they?

Purpose is important. In life and even a show. It must be answered in order to make sense of it all.

What’s the purpose of it all? Someone PLEASE answer that for me in regards to LOST if I missed it.