13-yr-old Raymond Hosier was sent home from his high school for wearing the Catholic religious symbol of rosary beads.


School officials have determined that rosary beads have become a gang-related symbol. But that didn’t stop Raymond. They have become a symbol of comfort to him as he copes with the death of his brother and uncle.

I understand the need to be cautious, protect the kids, and prevent gang activity, but at what point does this protect reward the guilty (the gang members) over the victims (like Raymond).

It’s one thing if it was a particular gang sign, drawing, etc. But rosary beads?

This is a normal part of culture. If gangs adopted carrying #2 pencils, or wearing white t-shirts, or walking with hands in your pockets would all that have to be banned? At what point do you stop?

This is stupid. I think school officials have crossed over the line. You can’t ban everything. Sometimes you have to find a different approach rather than infringe on the rights on the innocent.

Right? Or is my point a Hail Mary?