This is not meant to be adversarial in any way. It is just an observation I have made in life.

One common argument (as I have noticed) from atheists against Christianity is all the differences. That is, they dispute Christianity because there are so many variations of it (with the denominations, non-denominations, and cults, to a lesser degree). In essence, Christianity (and Christians) can’t agree with itself, so it must be false.

Have you head that one?

It’s a fair point, until you start thinking it through a little. The logic is: because there are varying viewpoints on a particular subject (the result of free will, mind you) then none can be correct or worth considering.

Make sense? Not really.

Bring that into a marriage or friendship and see where that gets you. Not to mention, this isn’t exactly a fair point to make at all.

Atheists only have to agree on ONE THING: there is no God.

In the inverse, Christians unanimously agree on this point (that there is a God). And they agree on the most important element of Christianity: Jesus.

Beyond that, there can be no more comparing, since we have doctrine, principles, and lessons to learn from and interpret. If atheists had the same to consider they would obviously find themselves in the same predicament.

Just a thought.

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