I usually post something funny on Fridays. Today, I’m doing it different since I highlighted this child Pentecostal preacher.

Often in the news, is the Israeli Palestinian conflict. As a Christian, it is something I follow for obvious reasons. In contrast to what the communist professor Noam Chompsky says, I am not pro-Israel because I am actually anti-semitic. Israelis are accused of being imperialists and occupiers, while Palestinians are accused of terrorism and anti-semitism. In fact, a vote in the UN is supposed to come up this month on creating a Palestinian state. Sounds great, right? Not so much.

The Palestinine Liberation Organization (PLO) ambassador to the US, Maen Areikat, told reporters in Washington on Tuesday that the Palestinian state his regime is trying to gain recognition for at the UN next week should be free of Jews.

>So how is peace achieved?

Here is a great video that explains the Israeli Palestinian conflict in about five minutes, believe it or not. I highly encourag you watch it.