As I have mentioned, I recently did a song with a band called VENIA because of the influence of my old band Strongarm (often known for the lyrics) has had on the scene. I sang and wrote the lyrics to one song called “The Call” on their new EP called “I’ve Lost All Faith In Myself“ which is available now at Blood & Ink Records. You can listen to it here, read the lyrics here, or read an explanation of them is here, which includes an explanation of the two most important lines I have ever written.

Anyway, some reviews have come in and they are very favorable. Here is an excerpt from one:

Each song on I’ve Lost All Faith in Myself features a solid breakdown and a chance to sing along, but all of the songs seem to be in support of “The Call”, the best track on the EP… “The Call” features duel vocals between Venia frontman Chad Urich and the original vocalist for Strongarm Jason Berggren. Jason actually co-wrote the song and leads off the song with “This is the call / a time for reckoning!” This song could not get any better, the breakdown which starts with spoken words “Sear this on your conscience and brand it on your heart / for the faithful there is a promise / a sacred trust of salvation / never forget and never give!” leads into the high-point of the song, gang vocals repeatedly shouting “I will not deny!” “The Call” could easily be the closer to Venia’s live set…

You can read the whole review here. Very cool stuff. In fact, I can’t believe it. VENIA is a great band so check them out. I am honored to be part of their project.