Everybody knows long distance relationships (LDRs) usually don’t work. The love interest you had in the Niagara Falls area probably isn’t the person you married and had kids with. The odds are stacked against it. I’ve met a few couples that started out as LDRs and managed to finish well together, but it’s rare.

>I find trying to build closeness with God through prayer is ten times worse than any other LDR.

It’s an LDR that spans not only the world, not just the universe, but even different dimensions. I mean, who exactly am I talking to? Where is he?

Ground control to Major God! Do you hear me? I sure don’t hear you.

Now I’ve met people who claim they “hear from God” all the time. And I’ve tried to get away from them quickly. Those words always seem to be the precursor to an individual’s evolution into a serial killer. Those words are just foreign to me.

>If I’m going to honest, often when I pray, my words seem to evaporate and hit the ceiling.

You may be thinking, “Did he just say that?” Oh yes he did.

I pour out my heart in hopes of feeling a touch or getting some interaction with God, but it seems he doesn’t answer. And I hate being left hanging and all alone. I never hear his comforting voice. God’s door is closed, and I just want some face-to-face time. It’s kind of a tease—a cosmic one. It’s not what I expected when it comes to talking to God.

>I think most people probably feel this distance at some point, yet they continue praying.

Even the hard-line atheist calls on God before rear-ending the car in front of him at full speed: “Oh God, help!” It’s funny—everyone prays. I think everyone feels like it’s a good habit with some therapeutic benefit.

But still we wonder: does it work, or is it pointless? 

I think it does, but there’s a lot to understand and wade through along the way.


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