Last week I talked about some of the things going on in Egypt. I mentioned the Muslim Brotherhood, because they are part of organizing the riots and protest. They want a Muslim Theocracy in which society is oriented under Sharia Law. Do two minutes of research and you’ll discover this is a scary thing.

Anyway, today I wanted to present something from quite the opposite side of the spectrum that, somehow, ends up at pretty much the same place. In the video below, Catholic speaker and leader, Michael Voris, calls for a Dictatorship.

More specifically, he claims that the best form of government/political system is a Benevolent Dictatorship. I’ve actually heard this quite a bit from religious people (Christians, that is), and I cringe every time.

Why? Because in a Democracy everyone gets a vote–and that’s a real problem for him.

Why? Because most people are ignorant, ill-informed, and selfish.

Obviously, all of us idiot, evil people need some distant elite to tell us how to live. Sound scary? It is.

And it is wrong. I couldn’t disagree with him more.

This isn’t Heaven. So long as there is good and evil in the world, that much power in the hands of any leader is a nightmare. Power, especially that much power, leads to corruption, oppression, and despotism.

So watch the clip below and get informed and creeped-out all at the same time.