According to this article, students at Hicksville High School New York wanted to start a Christian Club (called the Frontline Group) at their school. They were denied. In fact, the principal said, “I don’t want any of these Christian clubs at my school.”


Once the school started to get some heat, the principal changed the story. Then the club couldn’t be approved because the school couldn’t afford it, even though the school sponsors 35 other clubs–including a ping pong club, a ski club, and a debate club.

Well, the students have filed a lawsuit claiming their rights have been violated. The suit is built on the premise that just because a club is religious and the school is public, doesn’t mean students don’t have a right to gather and discuss their religious beliefs.

Do you agree?

Something similar happened to me and my friends in High School. My friends and I wanted to start a similar club and meet after school to discuss our beliefs. I will spare you the dorky name our club had due to the humiliation it brings me.

We were also denied.

No, we didn’t file a lawsuit. But we did secretly meet anyway. There was about a dozen of us and we met every Thursday for three years until I graduated.

Seems like things haven’t changed all that much. Strange times we’re living in. Could one of the next big civil rights issues be against people of faith? Maybe not, but it gets me thinking when I hear things like this.