Well, I spoke at the Unified Underground Conference this weekend. I am going to talk in more depth about some things a learned (and hopefully grew in) coming up. You won’t want to miss that. But here are a few thoughts for today:

1. Loyal Thurman (yes, his real name) and crew did a great job on the conference. Considering resources and other limitations, it was amazing. The experience was top-notch. A few glitches in execution, but what do you expect when working with punk/hardcore peeps? Putting together a 3-day event with underground sub-cultures steeped in attitudes of non-conformity is no easy task. Much respect.

2. There are tons of bands still doing it and working at their passion. I connected with some bands who played and members of other bands that attended (but didn’t play @ the conference). These bands/people I am very fortunate to know and call friends now. So if you can, go see them when they are in town and buy some of their merch. They are Sleeping Giant, A Plea for Purging, FBS (Fight Before Surrender), OCD (Our Corpse Destroyed), Red Baron, Debtor, Flatfoot 56. I’m going to see FBS in ATL Wed.

3. There are some awesome guys doing ministry and building churches for people who are rejected by mainstream culture. If you’re in the area, here are some churches you might want to check out. Rise Above Church in San Antonio, TX and The Anchor Fellowship in Nashville, TN. Skip and Joshua are great dudes with compassionate hearts for people who are rejected by mainstream culture. I also want to give Shawn Jonas (formerly of Zao & Symphony In Peril) some props. He’s doing youth ministry @ New Life Church Huntington, WVA. So if you’re going there, give him a shout.

Some quick highlights for you. Stay tuned for some personal insight…