We all have interests. Good ones. Bad ones. I’m talking about the good ones.

Eventually at least one interest in our lives will grow into a hobby. No worries there. In fact, everyone should have a hobby. It helps is decompress from the stress, strain, or mundane elements of our lives. We escape for a short spell and return to our responsibilities refreshed. It’s what happens next that must create the caution.

>Sometimes a passion evolves into a cause.

Causes can be good too. But as I’ve said, this can become a defacto religion—an idol. But it can be even worse. We can step into activism. Again, activism can be good. But this is where we need to be cautious.

>Although we may merely worship an idol (as mentioned), we fight for our cause as activists.

Fighting for something is tricky. There is always collateral damage. I mean, that’s partially the purpose, right? The ends justify the means after all. We create confusion and chaos in order to build our utopian vision from the remains. It’s the only way sometimes, we think. That’s what revolution is all about after all and Jesus was a revolutionary, right? No. Not exactly like that. That’s blind.

>When we blindly fight for something we have become extremists.

That’s when we’ve fallen over the edge. Extremism in any arena, even your faith, is a problem because we’ve lost all reason and drive away any accountability. This is always the evolution of a movement or a cause.

Be careful of causes because they can evolve into extremism.