I probably am going to step in it, but I wanted to make another observation from my conversations with atheists. Now I know they have plenty to say about us. That’s fine. Christians drive me nuts too.  Before I get into it I also want to remind people to join my cause by praying for Christopher Hitchens in his battle with cancer. Please spread it around by copying this and posting it to your social media status: PRAY for ATHEIST Christopher HITCHENS #PrayForHitchens. And here’s why>>> http://bit.ly/hIdSco

Anyway, back to my point today and it has to do with beliefs and worldview…

It seems to me that most atheists I’ve had run-ins with are Marxists in regards to their social/political philosophy (most are Socialists and a few admit to being Communists). Have you noticed this?

Respectfully, I find this somewhat inconsistent and even humorous. It is a true lapse of the ‘unwavering’ logic they profess. I’m just sayin’. Why not have the integrity or decency to be anarchists at best (the only ‘survival of the fittest’ social/political philosophy) or Libertarians at worst (the only amoral one).

Atheists are so often averse and upset about the influence of religion on society and its ‘oppressive’ morality, which I certainly understand.

Their perfect, reasoned, and logical solution?

To revert to another form of moralism. They seek to employ all the authoritarianism of a theocracy, minus the God part.

Just a curios observation.