The nerd alert is about to go off big time. One of favorite Star Trek characters is Data. If you don’t know, he is a synthetic life form—a robot. (What can I say, I love science fiction.)

Anyway, Data was a brilliant character because he was always completely anomored with everything about the human experience. What humans took for granted, brought him thrills and excitement as he mimicked and experienced music, food, poker, and punch lines for the first time.

Why did he do all this? “I aspire to be more than I am,” he responded. It was so pure—so insightful. Too bad it was scripted.

>I have known, and still do, many people who are content with apathy, and, frankly, there is nothing more revolting.

An otherwise talented, intelligent, and unique individual whose primary character trait is that of being content with mediocre is a person that is disgusting. Sorry, but it is true. That is how marriages fail, families create unhealthy environments, and leaders destroy perfectly useful and productive organizations.

If you have any thought that Jesus is okay with this, quit now. If you don’t aspire to be more than you are, you will not grow or learn. If you don’t seek to be better, you will only hurt yourself and those around you. That status quo must go.

>As an authentic follower of Jesus, you must aspire to me more than you are.

Anything else is stagnation, disgusting, and eventually destructive.