Earlier this week I posted Rules, Rules, Rules in which I discussed rules, Christianity, and the Bible. So let’s assume we’ve gone to the Bible and looked through all the Christian rules we’ve learned or been told, but we’re still not sure of what to do. I’ve got an idea.

I’ve been pretty chunky most of my life. Each time I’ve been motivated to lose some weight, the solution has been the same:

>If it tastes good BEWARE.

The problem is that I don’t like the taste of healthy food. I don’t like broccoli or tofu or brussel sprouts. I like nachos slathered in sour cream and cheese with a tall glass of cold Coke. I like giant chocolate milkshakes. Not to mention ketchup making most things better, along with a long list of condiments.

Yes, I’m talking about sin. It’s an ugly word. It’s not that God is like some Supreme Cosmic Judge wanting to police and then judge everything you do.

>It’s that sin is destructive.

You and I need to know we are wonderful and terrible all at the same time. There is a healing a helping Dr. Jekyll in us. But there is also a destructive and, well, devilish Mr. Hyde lurking.

I’m not trying to your hurt your feelings. I’m not trying to crush your self-esteem. I’m not trying to dirty your self-image. You’re still a beautiful flower about to bloom and a delicate butterfly ready to flutter.

You just need to know your potential—both good and bad. You need to know your appetite—for excellence and evil.

>So if it feels good: BEWARE.

Wrong is fun. Wrong isn’t good. Wrong is sin. Sin is wrong.

Have a great day!