I get angry. From a very young age, I have a life that has always been surrounded by tension. Frustration is fused in my DNA.

I’m not like a lot of people. I don’t think all anger is bad.

>I have always thought that positive momentum begins with negative tension: As you see the situation around you, you get frustrated and a little angry, and begin to put a plan together to get beyond the mire.

This can apply to all areas of life. It can be a simple as remodeling a bathroom. It’s falling apart, makes you mad, so you grab the sledgehammer and go to town. Your new bathroom begins with a bit of negative tension. Likewise, your new career, marriage, or family plan all begin with identifying what must change—or what makes you angry.

>Sometimes anger can be good, but anger is dangerous.

It is like fire. It’s a great tool when you’ve got it under control. You clean up the yard and burn off the debris. No moving big piles of junk. You’re hungry and cook a delicious Rib Eye and baked potato out on the grill. But when fire gets out from under your control, it is a tyrannous villain and master.

Because of hidden anger you will hurt friendships, kill intimacy in a marriage, and crush the spirits of your children. It will cause harsh words and short-tempered outbursts frequently and for insignificant reasons.

>Anger will destroy your life like a wrecking ball if you don’t deal with it, keep it in check, and diffuse it.

If it is something, like me, that has fused itself to you and you’ll need help navigating it. But do it no matter what it takes.

Deal with it, because anger is a ferocious master. Don’t let it master you. It will make you subservient to it.

“…Do not become angry easily, because anger will not help you live the right kind of life God wants.” -James 1:19-20