I am posting some lyrics I have recently written. You can listen to it here and read the explanation of the lyrics hereThey contain what I would classify as the two most important lines I have ever written. And understanding them can literally affect the trajectory of your very life (an idea I will develop in my next book). Sound presumptuous? I promise it’s not–because it’s true.

As I have mentioned, I recently did a song with a band called VENIA because of the influence of my old band Strongarm (often known for the lyrics) has had on the scene. I sang and wrote the lyrics to one song on their new EP called “I’ve Lost All Faith In Myself” which is available now at Blood & Ink Records.

So here are the lyrics to The Call. Again, an explanation of them is here, which includes an explanation of the two most important lines I have ever written. Also, I sing the song with VENIA’s singer, Chad. Below I have darkened the lines I sing, in case you wondering who the heck is screaming:


The Call

This is a call, a time for reckoning

Lay rest to the past, awake a new beginning

Let it be known, this ends all confusion

These words are the anthem of a saving revolution

No more chasing shadows leading to the depths

No drawing from a well of sorrows and sewing more regrets

Leaving nothing to fortune and nothing to fate–there is only that which we create

Generations test it true, the future is made from the decisions of today

And so I ask, my friend. I ask you now, will you stand?

When the world crushes you with pain

Will you stand with me?

When pleasures tempt you to stray

Will you stand with me?

(whole chorus 2x’s–I sing the 1st one)

Sear this on your conscience

And brand it in your heart

For the faithful there is a promise

A sacred trust of salvation

Never forget and never give in

I will not deny (4x’s)

Will you stand with me? (4x’s–I sing the 2nd & 4th)