I was doing some more research on prayer, the 2nd thing I hate about Christianity, and wondered if there is such a thing as scientific evidence for prayer? Well I found a study that claims to support this.

Now I don’t know anything about the guy who did the study or his site. But it does seem to be well-documented and had the support and involvement by the hospital that partnered in the process. Here’s the basic premise of the study:

1. A list of thousands of patients was randomly selected by computer
2. The patients were divided into 2 groups
3. One group was prayed for and one was not prayed for until each one was discharged from the hospital
4. The results were documented

The results are very interesting. And no, the patients did not know they were part of this study. There were no statistical differences between the patients before the prayer process was initiated.

But apparently things really changed after the praying began:

The results demonstrated that patients who were prayed for
suffered “less congestive heart failure, required less diuretic and
antibiotic therapy, had fewer episodes of pneumonia, had fewer cardiac arrests,
and were less frequently intubated and ventilated.

As I’ve said, I often wonder about prayer. It’s a very frustrating aspect of my faith. I’m not saying it doesn’t work. I’m just saying that I don’t often notice it working in my life. That’s why I found this article so curious.

Check it for your self. It’s interesting.