I’ve been tooling around with some thoughts for my next book (title forthcoming). In fact, I have a brief sketch of it (V will depend on money. I’m still way upside-down from my first book. It will also depend on time. The day-job and family (and current book) keep me very busy–not sure when I will have time to write the new one. I can’t take the time off and pay our bills from our line of credit this time around. Anyway, enough whining…

One of the things I’ve been thinking about is prayer. Yes, I know I discuss it in 10 Things I Hate About Christianity. But it such a huge part of a Christian’s life, it will often be a reoccurring subject. And this is what I’ve been wondering:
Imagine that we are having a conversation over a cup of coffee (or beer, Coke, or whatever you fancy). We both know it’s likely we’ll never see each other again, for whatever reason. So I am asking you a variety of questions. They are mainly life-lessons. I want to glean from your experience and gathered wisdom. One such subject is praying. So I ask you, as a fellow respecter and follower of Jesus, is:
What is the ONE thing I need to know about prayer that I can take with me for the rest of my life?”
So you lean back in the oversized leather armchair (which is standard cafe decor these days) and you say…
That’s what I’ve been thinking about. Lessons like this are the essence of the vision of my next project (in several different areas besides prayer).
So how would I answer that question?
I have one, but you’re gonna HATE me. Because you’ll have to wait for my answer.