I’m all for education. I’m all for taking precautions. When it comes to preventing teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, these are essential. But there are limits.

Brought to you by the city officials in Philadelphia:

A new campaign by Philadelphia officials to reduceĀ sexually transmitted diseases allows children as young as 11 to receive free condoms via mail order, outraging some parents who believe that’s too early to start getting physical.

The program, offered by the city’s Department of Health, features a website that includes facts on diseases like Chlamydia, gonorrhea and HIV/AIDS, as well as detailed — and playful — instructions for young girls on how to use female condoms.

“Every girl is different,” TakeControlPhilly.org reads. “Figure out what position works for you. You can stand with one foot on a chair, sit on the edge of a chair, lie down, squat, or for fun, have your partner help you out.” [online source]

I can’t begin to tell you the levels of disturbing I find here. Besides sending condoms to 11-yr-olds, did you read the encouragement for girls to have fun with all this? I took a look at the site and it’s even worse than this article captures. There’s videos, diagrams, and maps on where to get yourself a condom–if you’re a child. Doesn’t that just sound sick?

At one point is this contributing to the delinquency of a minor or underage sex? And by the government no less….

I’m not prude, but this is a bit much. How about abstinence? That works 100% of the time it’s used.