I was listening to a song the other day that chorused with a prayer to God that went something like, “Fill us with passion for you…” On it went in this theme. It wasn’t a mellow worship song. It was screamed over chugga chugga guitar riffs.

It got me going and then it got me thinking.

>I realized that I, along with most other Christians, have been praying distanced prayers like this for years—even decades for me.

What do I mean?

I have a friend who is an insane Red Sox fan. And you know what? He doesn’t sit around asking for more passion for his team. His passion is something that he builds, and has built, over many years.

He reads scores and stats, listens to radio commentaries, watches all the games, talks about it with other fans, and even sports gear signaling his loyalty. He does this when they play well and when they lose. He does this when he feels good and when he’s laid up in bed. He follows through when his life is going well and when he is failing at something. He’s is a citizen of the Red Sox Nation and everyone knows it.

Want to be filled with passion for God?

>Then fill yourself with passion:

Read the Bible, read some commentaries, build bonds with other Christians, listen to teachings, attend church. And you’ve got to pursue this in good times and bad.

This is a mark of maturity. And it builds passion.