When I was getting my theology degree my studies had a pastoral emphasis. Among others, I had to read a book about servanthood. It had a cover of a guy in a tuxedo holding a plunger. I thought it was stupid. And it was. The cover not the book, that is.

No, the book wasn’t about being overdressed for doody duty. It was a statement about remembering, as Christians, that no matter what capacity we occupy or position we hold, we are servants first.

>We hold the dual role of ambassadors…and servants.

In fact, service is our gift to this world. Let’s be honest, there are certain people we just don’t want to give that gift to. Too bad. Get over it.

As Jesus served us, we serve him by serving others. Husbands serve wives and vice versa. Loving parents even find ways to serve their children. Good managers serve their subordinates, which makes better employees. We can serve friends and incorrigible family members—especially them. Find ways. That’s our duty.

>Serving is sacrificial at its core.

It seeks to bring healing and enlightenment to a broken world. Christians should be the best servants. Many times they are. Countless hospitals, relief efforts, literacy programs, and recovery programs have historically been initiated and sustained by Christians serving. There is always room for improvement and reflection. There is never a time for boasting.

>Service must be at the very center of your faith.

Otherwise it is fake and hollow. It has no substance. As James the brother of Jesus said, “Faith without works dead.” (James 2:26) Be sacrificial. Be a servant.