I had a realization that revolutionized my life. I share this whenever possible:

You can’t expect…your teenager not to talk back when you talk down to them.

You can’t expect…to get a raise when you always complain about your responsibilities.

You can’t expect…your wife to respect you when you don’t show her love.

You can’t expect…to have a better future when you dwell on the past.

You can’t expect…God to honor and bless you when you aren’t faithful.

You can’t expect…someone to be a friend when you don’t return phone calls.

You can’t expect…your kids to do better in school when you do their homework for them.

You can’t expect…God to give you wisdom and guidance when you don’t spend time seeking Him.

You can’t expect…to get ahead in life if you quit when it really counts.

You can’t expect…your kids not to watch too much TV when you’re a couch potato.

I don’t know if this makes much sense. But I have realized I can’t expect others to be someone I am not willing to be.