Over the 22 years of my Christian faith I have visited many churches and left most of them. That’s not to say I haven’t settled down at churches. I’m not a ‘hopper’. The shortest I’ve ever attended a church I considered my ‘home’ is two years, and the longest is 9 years. But I’ve always made it a priority to find a church home–a place where I attend regularly, volunteer, and give.

Although some church experiences I’ve had have been unpleasant (they include people, after all), I’ve never been kicked out of a church. Sure, I’ve been alienated, reprimanded, and even gossiped about, but never been kicked out.

That’s what happened to Libby Ashby. She appeared in an erectile dysfunction ad that ran late at night (click on that link if you want to watch it). Subsequently, she was kicked out of her church.

The ad is funny, plain and simple. Sure, it’s a little awkward to watch knowing what I do (the background and all). If I had not known that, I’d probably give a smile and forget about it because it’s silly and stupid.

What I can’t help but wonder is if the church leaders would have been as outraged if it had been a commercial for a casino? For plastic surgery? For smooth tasting cigarettes? Or something else like that?

As George Michael said, “Sex is natural and sex is good.” The ad seems to imply that the couple is married, which is the right Biblical context for sex.┬áSo what is so offensive about the ad then?

So is ad Libby wrong or is the church leadership wrong?

Personally, I think this is a case of CD (Church Dysfunction). HA!