Good Monday morning! I hope this day finds you well. Let’s hit the ground running today.

One issue today that is always making headlines is environmentalism. Of course, as a Christian, I believe in being responsible and respectful with the world that has created for us to live on. But let me be clear: I do not worship the earth. That would be called idolatry–in the Biblical sense.

I worship the Creator, not the created. This is an important distinction. And it is how I filter through the idea of idolatry in our modern context.

But what about the environment?

Psalm 24:1-2 says:

“The earth is the LORD’s and all that is in it, the world, and those who
live in it; for God has founded it on the seas, and established it on
the rivers.”

I believe the earth was made for us. Contrary to what some people think, I do not view humanity as some kind of parasite on this earth–that every other aspect of nature is natural, except for humans. Although that may sound strange, it seems to be how this issue plays out. For example, it is okay for animals to eat each other and dominate their surroundings, but it’s not okay for humans to do the same. For some reason some hyper-environmentalists believe we should go back to some 17th century type of existence, complete with no A/C, refrigerators, or flat-screen TVs. This is where the mental in environmentalism really stands out.

So what is the balance?

That’s hard to say. I believe in common sense when it comes to carbon sense. For example, many cities are banning plastic bags. But didn’t plastic bags come about to save the trees that were needed for paper bags? The answer is bringing your own green bag right? But then I have read several stories about how those carry a bunch bacteria due to repeated use–and that is not healthy for humans either. Perhaps that is okay since humans are the true bacteria? I just don’t get it. I say just use plastic. That’s the balance for me.

One thing is for sure, I don’t need the some group of elites, activists, or bureaucrats telling me what to eat, drive, size house to live in, where to live, how many kids to have, what temperature to keep my house at, what kind of grocery bag to use for my Corn Flakes, etc (you get the idea). I reject that notion that I am to ‘stupid’ to know how to live ‘right’.

In many respects, environmentalism seems to be a religion in all aspects, complete with Eden (the earth before humans), the Fall (humans polluting the earth through their existence), and redemption (living green). And it is littered with moralism, which is strange since so many hyper-environmentalists constantly moan about alleged breaches in the separation of church and state.

One of the new trends out there is the whole Carbon Credit thing. The funny thing is, every country where this is being implemented proves it doesn’t actually improve the environment. That begs the question, what is this really about? Not the environment, that’s for sure. Someone sent me an interesting website dealing with this stuff called You might want to check it out.

Again, as a Christian, I am always trying to find that balance on this issue. So I am always reading stuff. Here is an interesting excerpt from that website. What do you think?

The Chairman of “Carbon Sense”, Mr Viv Forbes, said that man will never control climate.

“Noah did not blame cooking fires for the flood – he built a boat before the rain came”.

Forbes explained:

“It’s time to stop wasting money trying to control the climate – this
will be no more successful than slaughtering sacrificial goats, even if
tax payers and electricity consumers are to be the goats.

“Man will never control the climate. Wealthy societies can and do
improve their local environments of air, land and water. But to think
that trading carbon credits, taxing carbon, or subsidising carbon
geo-sequestration, wind towers or ethanol production will improve our
climate is delusionary…”

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