I know I shouldn’t get too political. I don’t like to. But I feel like I need to highlight something I’ve been chewing on all weekend as these current events intersect with my faith, somewhat. As a Christian, I feel a special connection with Jewish people. I love their culture, their family values, and I am sympathetic with their struggles, historically. Plus, we share portions of our Bibles.

Something that bothers me these days is the seeming rise of antisemitism. Or perhaps it is not rising. Maybe the events of the last week simply have exposed what is already there below the surface. Maybe I’m wrong. But that is my opinion and there are some reasons.

I am, of course, talking about the relief flotilla that was on the way to the Gaza Strip that the Israeli Defense Forces boarded to check out last week. Israel has an embargo of any shipments to this area due to the smuggling in of weapons and bombs. Yes, that is a reality in Gaza. Everyday parts of Israel are showered with explosives. So deliveries needs to be screened first.

So what concerns me is the media coverage of this event, the UN condemnation if Israel, and the blatant ignoring of the facts involved in this event. Is this antisemitic? At worst. At best, there are many that are simply unsympathetic (or willfully ignorant) of the facts in the region and the events that transpired in this event itself.

So I have decided to post some videos that you have probably not seen. It breaks down the events of Israel boarding the ‘relief’ flotilla with peace-loving pacifists (that a bit of a joke). Watch these and make your own judgment. I would even recommend a prayer or two for the strange and tense times we live in.

Here is video 1. Listen to the threat that comes from the ‘relief’ ship over the radio.

 Here is video 2. Before boarding via tha air, the Israelis try to get on from another boat and get a bomb thrown on them from the ‘relief’ boat.
 Here is video 3. Here are the people aboard the ‘relief’ flotilla getting ready to be boarded. Peacefully? Not exactly.
 Lastly, here is the first man on the ship. He was attacked right away. Before any force was used, and so on…
 So there are some interesting facts. No? So now you know.