Okay, I now I’m not supposed to make fun of people (you know, because I’m a Christian and all). Sometimes I just can’t help it. One, because it’s funny and we all need a little humor these days. And two, because there might be a teeny-tiny lesson in the process.

I pose the question in my book: What exactly is Christian music? (By the way, Discussion Guide for 10 Things I Hate About Christianity NOW AVAILABLE here!)

I used to be in a band (called Strongarm–check out links on left of page for more on that) so this question is, and always has been, close to my heart.

Does that mean it’s about Jesus and stuff?

Or does that mean it has a certain level of quality and excellence, thereby representing Jesus at the level he deserves?

For example, if you hire a roofer who says (during the estimating process) that his is a ‘Christian’ company. You give him the job, but the roof soon leaks after completion. He then proceeds to try to repair the leak, only making it worse each time.

So is that really a ‘Christian’ company?

So what is Christian music? Is this video below Christian music?
*By the way, I only made it about 1 minute in. Also, feel free to comment on my bald chubby self. It will make me feel better about highlighting this video.

Enjoy “Shine” by Final Placement: