I’m sorry but posts will be patchy at best for the time being. Internet
signals are sparse. I am on what is called a working vacation. I’m not
really sure what that means because it feels more like work is on my
mind than vacation. But there are certainly fun parts.

I piled
the family in the rented RV for the next two weeks. Time will tell if this was
a good idea. I am speaking 4 times, doing a radio interview in
Tennessee, and television show in Chicago. In between we are visiting a
water park (actually this leg is done) and some historic cave.

Anyway, I am visiting Cornerstone Fest
where I have gone many times in my past band days in Strongarm. I am
speaking four times with four different themes. These talks are tied
into my book and are as follows:

Why hate?

Why do Christians suck?

Why doesn’t love work?

What’s the #1 thing?