You know Afghanistan? One of the places US forces have been for 10 years in order to drive out the terrorists and Islamic Taliban regime thereby increasing freedoms for the people? Yah, not so much.

>The State Department revealed recently that there is not a single public Christian church there.

“The government’s level of respect for religious freedom in law and in practice declined during the reporting period, particularly for Christian groups and individuals. Negative societal opinions and suspicion of Christian activities led to targeting of Christian groups and individuals, including Muslim converts to Christianity. The lack of government responsiveness and protection for these groups and individuals contributed to the deterioration of religious freedom. Most Christians in the country refuse to “state their beliefs or gather openly to worship,” said the State Department.

Yikes! I’m no smelly hippy peace activist, but it does make you wonder what we’re doing there. Over 1,700 US military personnel have died there in that time. It’s fair to ask if this is all working.

Now, that doesn’t mean there aren’t secret underground churches. Like in China, I’m sure there are many. But it’s sad that they have to be in hiding for fear of death.

It sure makes you appreciate what we have here in the US.

Just thought you should know.