So the interview in Chicago went well. Once again, we have stopped in Kentucky on the way home since it is about halfway. We are at Nolin Lake State Park which is gorgeous. Tomorrow we are going to Mammoth Cave with the kids.

Things are different here. Accents are strong and distinct. And fashion is, well…very subjective in these parts.

There was a time when I would have looked down on people like this. Not any more.

I’m not sure why I looked down on southerners for so long. It was wrong. I think many people do.

I appreciate them now. I love the folksy and regular attitude about them. In fact, I prefer them to city folks.

There seems to be an elitism that many have that tends to look down on southerners. They look down on this unapologetic way of I-am-who-I-am-and-leave-me-alone-cuz-I-ain’t-changin’-for-no-one-so-mind-your-own-business type of attitude. But I love it now.

It’s not that city elites are any different in their high-minded attitude. It’s just that for some reason, it is more socially acceptable.

So I am proud to live in Atlanta: The New South, as they say. It’s not to far from Kentucky and I am just fine with that.

This South Floridian is settlin’ just right, if I do say so myself.

Talk to you soon…