Here’s an interesting situation. Seniors at this retirement home were recently told they had to stop praying as a group together before eating. Now let me be clear, they can pray to themselves. They just can’t pray as a group.


Because the meals for the senior citizens at the program are mostly covered with federal money.

Now it’s not that a resident complained or anything. It’s that an employee from the company that caters the food said it might be a violation of federal guidelines–the separation of church and state–for him not to report it. So he did. And the city attorney is looking into it.

This is so ridiculous. People need to get a life. Separation of church and state had nothing to do with a group of old farts sitting around and praying before the eat a federally funded meal. Give them a break (and me too).

This is such a stupid over reaction. Let’s no forget that the “separation of church and state” clause isn’t actually in the Constitution. And let’s not also forget that the government can not prevent the free exercise of religion either. I mean, many seniors live off federal funds (and many people live on welfare, for that matter). Does this mean they can’t participate in prayer too? Or are we allowed to pray while driving on federally funded roads? How far can this go?

I think there’s a case here in defense of the seniors. I think this a violation of their rights.