Yesterday I had a review of my book from an old friend from High School. It was a great write-up. It also humbled me because of the kind things that were said. I wanted to take a moment to pass through memory lane, as a result of the review.

I was a Christian in High School. I became one at 15, a couple weeks before turning 16. 
It was a drastic change. Something in my heart clicked BIG time. No, I can’t describe this in a way that would satisfy the skeptic or could be tested in a lab. But I know it was real. 
Rick Swift (by the way, that’s an alias if you want to fact-check me) had some very kind things to say about me in the review. I was outspoken, to say the least. Considering my book, is it any surprise to say I was bold? Looking back, I feel I was a little obnoxious at times. Perhaps that is humorous too–that I was not as civilized on how I presented myself and my faith as I am now. HA!
Anyway, one of things I did was wear loud shirts (and other gear) professing my faith. I wanted to start conversations. At one point, it got the attention of one of the Assistant Principles. 
I was taken aside and instructed on the issue of “separation of church and state”. I was also told, for that reason, I couldn’t wear any clothes that spoke of my faith.
So what did I do?
I resisted.
Surprised? Probably not.
Something didn’t seem right. I said I was going to research the matter in the Student Handbook and get back to her.
And I did.
Know what I found?
I brought that to the principle, who conceded my point. And off I was–free to wear all the annoying Christian gear I wanted.
I’m not sure I really have a lesson in here. I haven’t really thought it through. I suppose it is a story of standing up for your convictions at its core. I think it is also a little social commentary on the undercurrent to secularize culture. 
So what will you do? Keep quiet? Aquiesce? 
Or resist, for good reason?
You know what I do. It is the seminal reason for my life, in my opinion. I want to do whatever I can to get people talking about Jesus. And I suppose I am still a little obnoxious about it. But that makes it fun and interesting. Plus, it’s partly who I am.
Sticking with faith gets harder and harder the older I get. But I really believe this stuff.