So I finally heard from the publisher that was considering my book last night…

The publisher passed.

I wondered what to tell you about what they said. Since I like to be open, I decided to just post the comments directly. It probably isn’t a smart move. It doesn’t present a strong, infallible front in regards to what I’ve written. It’s probably not a smart marketing move and won’t help me sell books in the future. But my book (and I) are about honesty, so here’s what my contact said:

“Our group was split on the project. Some felt that you did not deliver enough real angst to make it compelling. In other words, they didn’t believe that you really hated anything about Christianity. Which, of course, is true at some level. Anyway, I think it will find a publishing home. It’s good writing, solid content.”

Not that I can’t take feedback or rejection. I always trying to remain teachable, but I am having a hard time understanding these words. If you’ve read the intro and first chapter (many people have/about 100 in all),  not one person said anything like this. Granted they are not industry professionals as far as I know. But then again, that’s not who I am writing for. I am am writing for regular people. Not for the intellectual, but the ‘average Joe’.

Either way, I will take it into consideration and chew on it as to glean what I can from these words.

And I will press on…