Here is the quote of the week from my book. It comes from the introduction as I discuss hate:

“The truth remains: Life is a constant battle. If we’re to experience any peace, joy, or love as we learn to do life and relationships more successfully, our only option is to learn to fight our inner demons. We can’t give up.
    I hate all this tension, and I hate having to deal with it. It’s a dilemma wrapped in a crisis stuck between a rock and a hard place.
    But I’ve learned that this deep inner conflict can be a positive force. It can lead to a breakthrough and the opportunity for much-needed personal growth and renewal. We can train our minds to use our hate, and when we begin to sense it, we can create forward momentum: we sense the tension, wrestle with the issue, win the battle, learn a lesson, grow as an individual, and move ahead. This brings a new day with a new perspective and new opportunities.”