Following Jesus is all about understanding and exercising forgiveness. But, to be honest, forgiveness kind of confuses me.

First, it’s not a one-time thing. It has to be a mindset. It has to be a predetermined approach to relationships. It’s as if we say from the beginning, “I know I’ll be hurt or even wronged in the pursuit of this relationship, since you are imperfect and may not meet my standards or expectations. So I plan on having to be a forgiving person if this is going to work at all.”

Also, it’s as if complete forgiveness is a two-part process—like a two-way street. It involves both the person who asks for it and the person who grants it. Sometimes you may ask and not get it; sometimes you may grant it even though you haven’t been asked.

Forgiveness repairs the damage created by the messiness of life. Forgiving means loving someone completely, regardless of flaws, regardless of wrongs. Incidentally, forgiveness like this is what Jesus did for our relationship with our Creator, to reconnect us with him. There’s nothing more loving or more Godlike than to forgive.

Forgiveness is love’s highest level. It’s also the most difficult, especially when someone has really hurt you.

But to forgive is divine. Our world today can always use a little of that. Will you be divine?


[portions of this taken from here]