I will be doing some interviews on radio and tv over the next few weeks.

I recently got an email from my marketing company. This was a response from one of the Christian television programs after they looked over my book in consideration of an interview. It’s pretty funny. It’s also sad:

Very sorry, but this will not work with our audience.
I would love to meet Jason, interesting guy, but the book has a general, cynical feel to it.
Other problems are…
    … marijuana ok
    use of “damn”
    people can be “born” homosexual
    mocking of Pentecostal services
    (Understand that we are a charismatic/Spirit-filled network,
    but I agree some things actually  deserve mocking )

They really took my book out of context and totally missed the point of
my message.
These statements are not exactly correct. They completely missed. Not to mention, they could really benefit from
understanding and participating in the dialogue I present in my book. Hopefully, they’ll change their minds.